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Based on actual case histories, Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival, will provide every person with the information and techniques they need in order to have a fighting chance in the most horrifying of active shooter situations.

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Welcome to CSI

The Community Safety Institute is a public safety consulting organization. Working with both state and federal agencies and our public safety partners we provide essential services including: grant management, public safety program design, organizational assessments, and training and technical assistance in the areas of: law enforcement, school safety and homeland security.

Tribal Policing

Recognized as a leader in culturally appropriate public safety training in Indian Country, CSI provides our tribal clients with training and technical assistance programs ranging from basic law enforcement skills, to supervisor training and management and leadership programs. Specialized instruction is provided in tribal issues and Alaskan Native policing. Functional areas of instruction include: critical incident management, protecting special events, internal affairs, problem solving and tabletop exercises.

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Law Enforcement

For over two decades the Community Safety Institute (CSI) has provided training and technical assistance for hundreds of law enforcement agencies and developed innovative, research-based curriculums for federal, state and local agencies. Strategic planning, organizational assessments, court security assessments and jail assessments and training are also provided for CSI clients.

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School Safety

Core deliverables for CSI school safety clients include comprehensive Core Team training, campus safety assessments, crisis response planning, distance learning for educators and the K-12Emergency Preparedness Portal which includes secure cloud emergency plan storage and remote internet access for first responders, electronic notification systems for staff and parents and reporter modules to track all school safety incidents and training activities.

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CSI – E-Learning Academy now features the NCPC Channel for Crime Prevention Officers

The NCPC Channel ….for Crime Prevention Practitioners and Volunteers. You know the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) as the home of McGruff the Crime Dog® and now the NCPC Channel offers online training programs toward crime prevention certification.


Law Enforcement

From innovative community policing programs in the 1990's to the Jail Information Model, Protecting Public Events and Neighborhood Watch in the 2000's to todays De-escalation Techniques for Returning Veterans in Crisis and Human Trafficking training CSI has excelled at developing and delivering the best in public safety programs.

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School Safety

Selected to design one of the first comprehensive school safety programs for a Department of Justice project in the 1990's, CSI has trained thousands of educators over the past two decades and provided services such as: training; crisis plan development; campus safety assessments and a broad array of technical assistance to hundreds of school districts, colleges and universities throughout the nation.

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CSI has extensive experience in conducting law enforcement management analysis, operational and organizational assessments, salary and staffing analysis, court security audits, and comprehensive jail staffing assessments. CSI has completed numerous audit, assessment, and staffing projects ranging from small and medium Sheriffs’ offices to major law enforcement agencies.

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Distance Learning

In an effort to facilitate distance learning for our public safety and education clientele CSI has developed a state-of-the-art SCORM compliant distant learning portal The CSI Academy which can be accessed at www.thecsiacademy.com. With dozens of training programs ranging from one hour overviews to comprehensive multi-day series the CSI Academy features intera Clive games and videos to engage the learner.

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Our Books

School Safety 101

School Safety 101 presents detailed information on all essential                                             elements of school safety schoolsafetybookincluding the standard crisis response drills such as shelter-in-place, evacuation and lockdown. Specific emphasis is placed in the book on developing internal capacity in schools through campus safety teams and crisis response teams . Because classroom teachers and substitutes need to know how to respond to a wide variety of incidents in the schools the RAIN Model is presented. For everyone else, including students, parents and volunteers the ESCAPE Model is presented for the first time in this edition of School Safety 101.

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Neighborhood Watch 101

NW 101 v. 30Neighborhood Watch 101 is a comprehensive guide for both law enforcement officers who are charged with overseeing local Neighborhood Watch initiatives and for citizens who are interested in volunteering or leading a local Neighborhood Watch group.

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Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival

Examining nearly 60 mass shootings that have occurred in the United States since 1982, this book focus in on the actions taken and decisions made by those who survived these horrific attacks. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 6.26.36 PMArmed with this new information, the old axiom “fight or flight” is dispelled or at least modified for this new breed of killer. Fight by yourself and you are almost assuredly going to join the ranks of victims if not the overall body count; flee and present a target for the killer or draw his attention, and the chances are you will not make it out alive. 

Based on actual case histories, Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival, will provide every person with the information and techniques they need in order to have a fighting chance in the most horrifying of active shooter situations.



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  • Instructor's personal knowledge and first- hand experience in the field was a tremendous benefit to learning.

    Corrections Officer

  • This class opened my eyes to new ways to handle problem employees.

    Special Agent-in-Charge

  • The entire course was everything I needed.

    Tribal Police Chief

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