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School Safety Training

CSI offers over two dozen facilitated and e-learning school safety courses for educators, students, staff and stakeholders.  Some of these courses include:

  • Creating a Safer School (CASS)
  • Active Shooter for Educators
  • Campus Safety Teams
  • Conducting Campus Safety Assessments
  • Crisis Communications
  • Crisis Response Planning for Campus and District Staff
  • Crisis Response for Paraprofessionals
  • Crisis Response for Students/Parents
  • Designing Seminars and Tabletop Exercises
  • Pandemic Planning for Schools w/COOP
  • Protecting School Events
  • RAIN/ESCAPE Training
  • Threat Assessment
  • Tornado and Weather Emergencies

CSI has developed and delivered school safety projects for federal, state, local and tribal agencies including:

  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense


Most Popular Courses

  • Developing Threat Assessment Teams
    • CSI staff will work with district officials to develop a comprehensive, district–level threat assessment team.  This inter-disciplinary team will be empowered to identify, analyze and respond to threats against students, district personnel and facilities.

  • Mass Shooter - ESCAPE Model Training
    • Based on research from the book, Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival this course provides instruction to teachers, parents and students using an easy to remember six-step model.  This model was based on the actual actions taken and decisions made by those who survived school and workplace mass shootings.
  • Protecting School Events
    • This popular course presents information on how to plan for and protect various school-sponsored events such as athletic competitions or other student-based activities.
  • Conducting Tabletop Exercises
    • This one-day course provides instruction on how to design and conduct tabletop training exercises.

Training Components

  • Instructions
  • Tabletops
  • Drills

CSI comprehensive school safety training includes: facilitated or e-learning instruction, tabletop exercises and realistic drills.

Benefits of CSI e-learning courses

  • Affordable – CSI e-learning is only $75 per year for access to ALL courses and content
  • Mobile ready – Courses can be taken on computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone
  • Flexible – take course 24/7 on your schedule
  • Comprehensive – Many courses contain presentations, documents, videos and supporting materials
  • Documented – Users and administrators can be provided documentation of all course completions.

Whether facilitated instruction, distance learning, tabletop exercises or realistically designed drills CSI can provide for all of your campus training needs.  With courses designed for administrators, teachers, staff, students and stakeholders CSI is one of the nation’s leading school safety training organizations.  To schedule a training or register for distance learning call 214-974-3901 or email info@csi1.org.

CSi will work with your educational institution to develop a series of tabletop exercises that educators can utilize throughout the year to keep their skills fresh.  CSI also provides a Conducting Tabletop Exercises Train-the-Trainer course.   To learn more call 214-974-3901 or email info@csi1.org.

CSI will provide technical assistance to schools needing to conduct realistic drills or full-scale exercises to test their response plans and their implementation by various public safety entities.   To schedule CSI technical assistance call 214-974-3901 or email info@csi1.org.

Let’s Work Together

At CSI, we value information and insight from our clients. Whether conducting an assessment, developing training, building a customized distance learning platform or providing technical assistance we work closely with our professional partners to customize their initiatives to meet their specific goals and needs.