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Community Accountability Assessments

The CSI Community Accountability assessment is composed of wide variety of interview instruments, surveys, questionnaires that are utilized in an array of individual meetings, focus group sessions, social media interaction and comment development, community engagement sessions for community members and officers and facilitated sessions.

Employing a diverse, multi-cultural team of law enforcement professionals and community policing experts the CSI staff will offer pragmatic recommendations on organizational change, policy development and training which will enhance community accountability.


Instrument Development:

  • Personal Interviews
  • Questionaires
  • Surveys

CSI customizes all of its proprietary assessment instruments to meet the specific needs of the organization.  Once developed, these instruments are utilized in a number of different ways to collect, organize and analyze data from the agency and the community.


Social Media:

  • Facebook Posts
  • Community outreach and comments development
  • Surveys

CSI utilizes social media as a mechanism to not only provide proactive outreach to the community but as a tool to collect information, data and receive feedback from community stakeholders.


Individual Meetings and Focus Group Sessions


As a component of the assessment, CSI staff facilitates both individual meetings and focus group sessions in an effort to collect primary data from law enforcement officials and community stakeholders.  This data will then be analyzed in conjunction with the other various survey instruments to gauge the agency’s level of accountability.


Community Engagement Sessions


CSI has facilitated community engagement sessions across the country for over two decades to build relationships and promote both unity and problem solving to reduce community concerns and issues. In these sessions’ facilitators guide attendees through a formal process of identifying long-standing issues and working together to address these needs.  Information obtained during these sessions will be analyzed in conjunction with the other various survey instruments, individual meetings, and focus groups to gauge the agency’s level of community engagement.


Community Accountability Assessment 


TRAINING  Low Medium High
Have your officers received implicit bias training?


Does your organization provide de-escalation training?


Have officers been trained in crisis intervention?


Does your agency have policies which address comprehensive reporting for all use of force incidents?


Has your agency expanded use of body cameras?
Does your agency track excessive use of force complaints?


What level of transparency is there for the public to view disciplinary files on officers?


Do you have a Citizen’s Review Board to address deadly force incidents?
Do you have a Citizen’s Advisory Board to address department policies and procedures?


Does your agency regularly survey citizens, community groups, civic groups, faith-based organization and non-profits?


What department mechanisms are in place to determine community issues?





Let’s Work Together

At CSI, we value information and insight from our clients. Whether conducting an assessment, developing training, building a customized distance learning platform or providing technical assistance we work closely with our professional partners to customize their initiatives to meet their specific goals and needs.