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School Safety Consulting

For over 20 years, public safety organizations and school districts including state and national associations and the federal government have turned to the Community Safety Institute (CSI) for organizational assessments, vulnerability studies, campus security audits, risk assessments and school district safety and security analysis.  We have worked with federal, state, local and tribal public safety organizations and developed national program models which have reached thousands of organizations.

Recognized as one of the leading school safety organizations in the country, Community Safety Institute utilizes academically sound, proven industry practices in its training, technical assistance, management assessment and evaluation initiatives.

Universities, colleges and school districts across the nation have utilized the Community Safety Institute’s (CSI) School Safety Services.  Over the years CSI staff has excelled at conducting school safety assessments and vulnerability studies and in developing national instructional programs which have provided training to thousands of educators and stakeholders including:

  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Volunteers

CSI is one of the country’s most respected school safety organizations. The developer of the nationally known RAIN Model for classroom conflict, CSI offers over twenty school safety curriculums, has produced several national initiatives, conducted hundreds of school safety audits and assessments.

CSI publications include: Creating A Safer School (2001); Countering Terrorism: Protecting Our Schools and Communities (2002) and School Safety 101 (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2018). CSI also contributed to a Community Oriented Guide to School Safety published by the Department of Justice (2003), the School Crisis Response series and Pandemic Planning for Schools specifically for Education Department ERCM grantees (2005).

CSI is the developer of the Department of Justice (DOJ), SAFE School Initiative and the Schools and Universities Safety Resource Center (SUSRC) for the Bureau of Justice Assistance-funded White House School Safety Initiative (2006), founded University Crime Watch, and developed a Protecting Colleges and Universities training course. Our staff of law enforcement professionals, educators, and academicians has developed national school safety training programs, model policies and procedures and created a national SRO curriculum.


School Safety Services

  • Facilitate Town Hall School Safety Meeting
  • Develop and train a District-level Threat Assessment Team and protocols and policies
  • Develop and train Campus Safety Teams with duties and responsibilities
  • Develop and train Crisis Response Teams
  • Conduct Stakeholder Meetings
  • Conduct Safety and Security Assessments of all campuses
  • Review current crisis response plans for the district and all campuses
  • Review current District Safety policies and procedures
  • Review SRO program or law enforcement partnerships
  • Conduct stakeholder surveys
  • Provide distance learning courses for teachers, staff and administrators
  • Provide Facilitated training for students, teachers, staff and administrators


CSI School Safety Services

  • Campus Safety Assessments
    • CSI staff will conduct safety and security assessments of all school district campuses and facilities.  CSI personnel will utilize their proprietary 100 plus page assessment document to assess items including but not limited to: safety, security, personnel, drills, training, policies and procedures.

  • Review Crisis Response Plans
    • CSI staff will review all campus and district crisis response plans including procedures for common practices such as: lockdowns, shelter-in-place, evacuations, on-site reunion sites and off-site reunification locations.

  • Review District Safety Plans, Policies and Procedures
    • CSI will review the overall district safety level plans including staffing of safety positions, schedules of drills, training of staff, protective policies for volunteers and parents, and safety instruction and resources for substitutes.
  • Review SRO program and Law Enforcement Partnerships
    • CSI will conduct a review of the district’s School Resource Officer (SRO) program or local law enforcement partnership or agreement including the contract, MOU, personnel, schedules and staffing levels.

Comprehensive School Safety

  • Policies
  • Partnerships
  • Programs

A comprehensive School Safety initiative consists of proactive policies, partnerships and programs to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff and stakeholders.

School Safety Stakeholders

  • Students
  • Parents
  • School Board
  • School Administration
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Public Safety Agencies

Let’s Work Together

At CSI, we value information and insight from our clients. Whether conducting an assessment, developing training, building a customized distance learning platform or providing technical assistance we work closely with our professional partners to customize their initiatives to meet their specific goals and needs.