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Law Enforcement Training by CSI

In order for law enforcement agencies to be adequately prepared for any and all situations, the Community Safety Institute has developed in-depth law enforcement training courses for departments across the United States. The two most popular CSI-facilitated law enforcement learning courses are Surviving a Mass Shooting LEO Train-the-Trainer and De-escalation: A Holistic Approach to Officer and Citizen Safety.


Course #1: Surviving a Mass Shooting Law Enforcement Train-the-Trainer


This program specifically designed for law enforcement personnel will teach officers from around the country how to properly instruct the Protecting Your Family in Public Places course.

Based on research of every mass shooting since 1980, along with the actions taken and decisions made by victims of these horrific attacks, Matthews has developed an easy-to-remember six-step model. This course will reveal if running is an effective tactic, or if playing dead will increase one’s chances for survival. Specifically designed for law enforcement personnel, this program will teach officers how to properly instruct the Protecting Your Family in Public Places course.  During this one-day course, officers will learn how to instruct community organizations, churches, and Neighborhood Watch groups in developing pre-planning activities, utilizing situational awareness skills, and teaching the ESCAPE Model in role-playing activities.

Upon completion of the training, officers will be issued a Surviving Mass Shootings Seminar Edition book and credentialed into a secured portal which will allow them access to the curriculum, videos, and downloadable materials. This instructors’ portal will contain important demographic information and case studies to enhance the instructors’ skills and provide potentially lifesaving information to the public.

Course #2: De-escalation Courses and Train-the-Trainer Instruction

CSI De-escalation courses incorporate a holistic understanding of de-escalation integrating various aspects of law enforcement activities from police communications to tactical positioning to trauma response.  Our courses demonstrate how de-escalation is really a cultural change and not just an operational tactic.  De-escalation skills help to increase officer safety, use less physical force, reduce agency liability and improve community relations. How an officer responds to an evolving situation can mean the difference between a peaceful, non-violent resolution to a situation, the use of force or even deadly force.  Many agencies are now requiring that officers articulate their de-escalation efforts in their reports.


For over twenty years CSI has been developing training initiatives for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.  Our de-escalation training has reached over 700 agencies while our Train-the-Trainer has reached over 9,000 officers and continues to grow.  Built by a CSI team of experienced law enforcement professionals, academicians and psychologists your agency will receive the most comprehensive training and liability protection available.  Each of our courses includes the following: facilitated instruction, video discussion, interactive role-playing and scenario-based case studies. Upon successful completion of the CSI courses, attendees will be able to demonstrate a specific set of skills and tactics that can be utilized when responding to a wide variety of situations.



Recent Attendee Comments


  • “Great class, instructors presented information clearly and were very approachable”
  • “Most relevant de-escalation training I have attended”
  • “Very strong class that can be tailored to our jurisdiction”
  • “Very informative, a lot of information and strategies we can utilize as officers and supervisors.”
  • “Very informative, instructors took time to explain and demonstrate topics”
  • “I have never had this information before. We need more of this”
  • “Very effective instructor preparedness program – this course literally trains-the-trainer”
  • “Outstanding class – incorporated with best practices and latest trends!”
  • “Course is interactive and engaging. Promotes involvement from the class.”

Let’s Work Together

At CSI, we value information and insight from our clients. Whether conducting an assessment, developing training, building a customized distance learning platform or providing technical assistance we work closely with our professional partners to customize their initiatives to meet their specific goals and needs.