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Distance Learning

The Community Safety Institute’s e-Learning Academy provides a fully customized, interactive and secure e-learning portal for law enforcement agencies, schools and organizations.  CSI courses utilize agency and state specific training curriculums, photos, video content and Standard Operating Procedures for the most comprehensive on-line learning available.


Over the past twenty years CSI has developed hundreds of courses and provided training to thousands of law enforcement officers across the nation.  Our staff is composed of public safety officials, educators and curriculum development specialists who research and develop all of the courses for the e-Learning Academy.


All courses and content including downloadable documents, videos and private files can be accessed via the internet on PC or any mobile ready device giving officers in the field quick access to important information such as training announcements, legal updates, departmental documents, and agency policies and procedures.  All files can be migrated to portable document format for easy web viewing / printing / storage.  All interactions are tracked and the user’s individual progress is recorded in every SCORM compliant course.


The Community Safety Institute produces and edits client videos throughout many of its courses.  Videos can be extremely beneficial when showcasing individuals with special talents, abilities or knowledge.  Videos also increase learning retention and are useful when demonstrating specific skills such as firearms cleaning or proper traffic control techniques.


Each CSI course contains both module review quizzes, as well as an end of course final exam.  Exam questions and answers automatically rotate with each test attempt and minimum course time and completion standards are based on individual agency requirements.  When courses have been successfully completed, individual users are issued a customized certificate of completion with a secure QR Code for verification.  Depending on agency requirements additional copies of the certificate can be electronically sent to assigned personnel, system administrators or supervisors.

  • Law Enforcement
  • School Safety


CSI e-Learning portals provide professional distance learning in all HTML formats for public safety professionals and educators.  Our public safety courses consist of training for law enforcement professionals, corrections staff and tribal policing agencies.  Our educational courses are specifically designed for administrators, staff and students to improve their knowledge and skills of school safety.

CSI has over 60 courses in its ever-expanding law enforcement catalog including:

Law Enforcement

  1. Child Abuse/Child Sexual Exploitation
  2. Report Writing
  3. Social Media
  4. Ethics and Integrity
  5. Bloodborne Pathogens
  6. Sexual Harassment
  7. Interpersonal Communications
  8. Courtroom Testimony
  9. Mental Illness/Protective Custody
  10. Interviews and Interrogation
  11. Cultural Diversity
  12. Victim’s Rights
  13. Eyewitness Identification
  14. Identity Fraud/Theft
  15. Electronic Evidence Collection
  16. Professional Police Communications
  17. Sovereign Citizen
  18. Emergency Vehicle Operations
  19. Community Policing
  20. Stress Management
  21. Rural Patrol Procedures
  22. Domestic Violence
  23. Hate Crimes
  24. Interacting with Persons with Mental Illness
  25. Graffiti
  26. Media Relations
  27. Critical Incident Management
  28. School Resource Officers
  29. Human Trafficking
  30. Operational Planning
  31. Protecting Special Events


LEO Supervisors/Leadership

  1. Training for New Supervisors
  2. Leadership
  3. General Responsibilities of a Supervisor
  4. Mid-Manager and Supervisor Training
  5. Chief and Command Staff Strategic Planning
  6. Organizational Change
  7. Continuity of Operations Planning


  1. Introduction to Corrections
  2. Basic and Advanced Security Procedures
  3. Emergency Jail Procedures
  4. Principles of Direct Supervision
  5. Purpose of Reports
  6. Legal Issues for Corrections Officers
  7. Ethics in Corrections
  8. Bloodborne Pathogens
  9. Sexual Harassment
  10. Cross Gender Supervision
  11. Cell Extraction
  12. Interpersonal Communications
  13. Inmate con games
  14. Special Needs Inmates
  15. Courtroom Testimony
  16. Suicide Prevention
  17. Gangs
  18. Hostage Negotiations
  19. Combative Inmates
  20. Medical Safety
  21. General Jail Management

Corrections Supervision/Leadership

  1. Training for New Supervisors
  2. Death in Facility: Supervisor’s Role
  3. Crisis Management for Supervisors
  4. Community Relations and Media Management for Supervisors



Distance Learning

  • Plans
  • Policies
  • Procedures

CSI’s distance learning courses are perfect for both law enforcement agencies and school safety planners.

School Safety e-Learning Courses

  • Creating a Safer School (CASS)
  • Active Shooter for Educators
  • Campus Safety Teams
  • Conducting Campus Safety Assessments
  • Crisis Communications
  • Crisis Response Planning for Campus and District Staff
  • Crisis Response for Paraprofessionals
  • Crisis Response for Students/Parents

Let’s Work Together

At CSI, we value information and insight from our clients. Whether conducting an assessment, developing training, building a customized distance learning platform or providing technical assistance we work closely with our professional partners to customize their initiatives to meet their specific goals and needs.