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School Safety 101


This updated edition presents familiar chapters on school safety preparation and response, including the importance of proactive campus safety teams and Crisis Response Team.  These important campus groups must remain vigilant in conducting school safety audits, reviewing crisis response plans and practicing school safety drills that meet each specific school’s needs and realistically represents the dangers schools face in the 21stcentury.

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This 4th edition of the award-winning School Safety 101 places a renewed emphasis on the importance of threat assessment and identifying and responding to early warning signs prior to an attack. According to research, 78% of all school mass shooters were current or recent former students from the school and that 68% of the time there were significant and obvious warning signs that were missed by schools, law enforcement, and mental health professionals. School districts need to place a renewed emphasis on actionable and comprehensive threat assessment teams that directly correlate threats with specific services and sanctions which can mitigate the possibility of a school shooting.

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