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Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival (Fourth Edition)


From the basics of escape and how to properly exit during an attack, through the need to find protective cover or conceal oneself from the offender, and finally to the last-resort effort of engagement, the average citizen will learn specific techniques to utilize in a mass shooting incident. No one ever expects to be involved in a mass shooting. This book illustrates that it has happened all too often to average people engaged in everyday activities. Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival provides readers with the potentially lifesaving information and techniques they will need in order to have a fighting chance in a mass shooting situation

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Examining nearly 80 mass shootings that have occurred in the United States since 1980, this book focuses on the actions taken and the decisions made by victims of these horrific attacks. Armed with this information, the old axiom “fight or flight” is dispelled. Fight by yourself, and you are almost assuredly going to join the ranks of the victims, if not the overall body count. Attempt to flee and present a target for the killer, and the chances are you will not make it out alive. Six Steps to Survival is an easy-to-understand model for every citizen.

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