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The Community Safety Institute (CSI) is one of the nation’s most respected school and public safety consulting organizations.

For over two decades CSI has provided curriculum development, program design and project management, organizational assessments, and training and technical assistance in the areas of: law enforcement, school and university safety and homeland security. Throughout the years the Community Safety Institute has developed and delivered over 100 nationally recognized school, law enforcement and public safety training programs for the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Education (ED) and Department of the Interior (DOI).  CSI has served both as a direct grantee and a contractor to school districts of all sizes and the nation’s largest public safety associations and law enforcement organizations.

During that time CSI has trained thousands of law enforcement officers, educators and citizens while assisting hundreds of law enforcement agencies to implement our initiatives to decrease crime and improve the quality of life in communities throughout the nation.

The Community Safety Institute



Consulting for the DOJ

After consulting on numerous public safety projects for DOJ, the Community Safety Institute was officially formed and incorporated.

1999 - 2001

National SAFE School Initiative and introduction of CASS training

After the attack on Columbine High School CSI was hired to develop and deliver the first national safe school curriculum which provided crisis response procedures and detailed how school safety audits and proactive programs should be conducted to protect students and staff. In 1999, CSI also published its first school safety book Creating a Safer School (CASS) and its training on a national level. This training has been provided to hundreds of school districts and thousands of teachers across the country.

2002 - 2005

STAR Program, JIM Model and CASS: Countering Terrorism

Created the Safety Training and Resources program for the DOJ, developed the Neighborhood Watch Toolkit and national training initiative. Developed and delivered the Jail Information Model and conducted numerous court, law enforcement and jail assessments. Conducted school safety assessments, provided training and CSI published Creating A Safer School: Countering Terrorism.

2006 - 2009

Schools and Universities Safety Resource Center and Native American Training Series

Developed the Schools and Universities Safety Resource Center for the DOJ, developed a crisis response and pandemic planning series for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Education and developed and delivered the ground-breaking Native American Training Series. Developed multiple Weapons of Mass Destruction trainings for the Department of Homeland Security. Continued to provide school safety training and conduct assessments and develop crisis plans.

2010 - 2014

Continuity of Operations Planning and Human Trafficking LEO course

Developed and delivered Public Safety De-escalation Tactics for Military Veterans in Crisis, and a national Continuity of Operations Planning course. CSI published School Safety 101 and developed and delivered a Human Trafficking for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) national program. Continued to conduct school safety and public safety assessments and provide training to educators and Law Enforcement Officers. Published first edition of Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival.

2015 -2018

De-escalation Tactics and Surviving a Mass Shooting for LEO's

Developed and delivered De-escalation: A Holistic Approach to Officer and Citizen Safety program and a Surviving a Mass Shooting LEO Train-the-Trainer program and the Tribal Police and Casino Security Program. CSI published the 3rd and 4th editions of Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival and the 4th edition of School Safety 101 and conducted school safety and public safety assessments and provided training to educators and LEOs. Also developed and published Contracting for Public Safety Services, Cross-Deputation in Indian Country and Animal Cruelty as a Gateway to More Serious Crimes.


CSI provides comprehensive campus safety assessments for school districts, colleges and universities.

School Safety Training

CSI offers over two dozen school safety courses including both on-site facilitated training and online e-Learning programs.

School Safety Consulting

CSI assists school districts, colleges and universities with establishing threat assessment teams, developing crisis response plans and reviewing their district-wide policies, procedures and programs.

Law Enforcement Training

CSI offers dozens of facilitated law enforcement training and instructor courses including two of our most popular Train-the-Trainer courses: De-escalation and Surviving a Mass Shooting.

Law Enforcement Consulting

CSI offers a vast array of law enforcement consulting services including management studies, jail assessments, court security audits and manpower and staffing studies.

Distance Learning

With dozens of state accredited e-Learning courses, CSI provides online classes for both educators and public safety professionals