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Neighborhood Watch

For more than four decades, Neighborhood Watch has been synonymous with community safety. As the premier crime prevention program in the US, it has provided law enforcement agencies throughout the country with the additional “eyes and ears” that are so important to keep our nation safe from crime and secure from terrorism.
Initially developed to encourage citizens to be good neighbors and to help look out for the criminal elements who sought to prey on society, Neighborhood Watch has evolved into a comprehensive crime prevention, emergency preparedness, and community mobilization effort.
The Community Safety Institute is the developer of the national Neighborhood Watch Toolkit and its associated programs, which have trained thousands of citizens and their law enforcement liaisons over the past decade. In order to further the scope of Neighborhood Watch, CSI has developed the NW App to connect citizens with their local law enforcement- through technology available at their fingertips. CSI also published the Neighborhood Watch 101 book as a resource to both community volunteers, and Crime Prevention officers.

NW 101 v. 30

Neighborhood Watch 101

Neighborhood Watch 101 is a comprehensive guide for both law enforcement officers who are charged with overseeing local Neighborhood Watch initiatives, and for citizens who are interested in volunteering or leading a local Neighborhood Watch group.

Neighborhood Watch Trainings

We offer a wide variety of trainings including Neighborhood Watch Basics, Forming Partnerships, Volunteer Management, Planning and Conducting Effective Meetings, Observation Skills and much, much more.