John Mathews has examined 75 shootings in the United States since 1982 to learn more about a growing scenario that impacted those who survived the attacks.  John was able to  focus in on the actions taken and decisions made by survivors and the actual case histories to create a survival guide.

This comprehensive review provides everyday citizens with the information and techniques that could prove valuable in an active shooter situation.

The 3rd edition of Mass Shootings is currently in print and includes updated information on the traits of perpetrators and what children should do if ever caught in an active shooter situation.  Release of the latest edition is expected by Fall 2016.

John has a unique background and knowledge that allows him to provide helpful insight into not only the survivors of such attacks but the individuals responsible for them.

If you desire to speak with John for live coverage or for a story you maybe working you can contact him anytime at (972) 576-8662