Surviving a Mass Shooting Seminars - Training for corporations, casinos, hospitals, risk management firms, entertainment companies and communities

No one expects that a mass shooting will occur in their community or at their workplace. Unfortunately, as illustrated in Mass Shootings: Six Steps to Survival, these events can – and do – happen anywhere.  In this special seminar session participants will receive training on how to increase the chances of survival for everyone.

Examining more than 80 mass shootings that have occurred in the U.S. since 1980, the course focuses on the actions taken and decisions made by those who survived these horrific attacks. Comprised of vital information gleaned from survivors who endured some of the most tragic and violent incidents in U.S. history over the past 30 years, the course presents an easy-to-understand model that can be taught to campus stakeholders of nearly any age.  In this course officers will learn from the actual experiences of mass shooting survivors and understand both successful and unsuccessful tactics which have been utilized by these individuals in past incidents.                       

•           Develop situational awareness skills to assist employees in mitigating the damage from a mass shooting event

•          Learn how to implement emergency response plans for civilians to reduce the loss of life

•          Learn the ESCAPE Model of successful actions, decisions and techniques that have helped others survive these horrific attacks

Surviving a Mass Shooting Law Enforcement Train-the-Trainer

This program specifically designed for law enforcement personnel will teach officers from around the country how to properly instruct the Protecting Your Family in Public Places course. 

Based on research of every mass shooting since 1980, along with the actions taken and decisions made by victims of these horrific attacks, Matthews has developed an easy-to-remember six-step model. This course will reveal if running is an effective tactic, or if playing dead will increase one's chances for survival. Specifically designed for law enforcement personnel, this program will teach officers how to properly instruct the Protecting Your Family in Public Places course.  During this one-day course, officers will learn how to instruct community organizations, churches, and Neighborhood Watch groups in developing pre-planning activities, utilizing situational awareness skills, and teaching the ESCAPE Model in role-playing activities. 

Upon completion of the training, officers will be issued a Surviving Mass Shootings Seminar Edition book and credentialed into a secured portal which will allow them access to the curriculum, videos, and downloadable materials. This instructors’ portal will contain important demographic information and case studies to enhance the instructors’ skills and provide potentially lifesaving information to the public.

Participants Evaluation Comments: 

  • This (class) fits perfectly with the workplace violence course I teach and I will incorporate the materials.
  • Easy for citizens to understand and use
  • Great handout materials
  • Teach-back helped me to be more confident in teaching the course
  • I’m going to immediately share this with my own family
  • The background information really helped me
  • Did a good job of making what officers take for granted easy for citizens to understand
  • The ESCAPE Model is very user friendly
  • ESCAPE is easy to remember when teaching citizens.
  • Excellent class with professional materials
  • Great class. One of the better train-the-trainers I have ever been to and I will be borrowing some of your instructional methods.
  • Information was current and relevant to today’s problems.
  • ESCAPE Model can be used for a wide variety of violent incidents

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John Matthews is a 30-year law enforcement veteran and analyst for both CNN and FOX NEWS providing analysis on breaking public safety stories ranging from mass shootings to terrorism and school safety. As a media personality he has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and on international networks, as well as, being featured on Good Morning America, Wolf Blitzer Reports and the Sean Hannity Show.