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CSI Academy

CSI Academy – E-learning Network

As one of the nation’s leading public safety training organizations, Community Safety institute has partnered with Virtual Emergency Services (VES)  to build the CSI Academy e-learning portal. This web-based, SCORM compliant, online portal consists of a series of secured e-learning channels for our law enforcement and public safety clients. Currently offering four channels and over fifty programming options clients can deliver complex training courses laden with videos, games, tests and content to their users 24/7. The CSI Academy provides clients with the capability to track their student’s progress, assign passing grade levels, monitor time in courses, automatically grade quizzes and tests and electronically issue customized certificates of completion.

CSI Academy clients not only receive the highest quality professional public safety training available but save costly travel and training related expenses by offering courses on-line through our secured network.  The CSI Academy E-learning Network also:

·         Provides access to a wide range of training materials and resources

·         Gives personnel control over when and where they study

·         Allows personnel to study at their own pace

·         Supports economic reuse of high quality and expensive resources

·         Encourages personnel to take responsibility for their own learning

 VPSO screenshot

Utilizing the CSIAcademy www.thecsiacademy.com as our primary learning portal CSI and our technology partner Virtual Emergency Services (VES)www.vemergency.us  has created a custom e-learning site exclusively for the Alaska State Troopers and their VPSO program.  The Village Public Safety Officer Program www.dps.state.ak.us/ast/vpso began in the late 1970’s as a means of providing rural Alaskan communities with needed public safety services at the local level. The program was created to reduce the loss of life due to fires, drowning, lost person, and the lack of immediate emergency medical assistance in rural communities. The Village Public Safety Officer Program was designed to train and employ individuals residing in the village as first responders to public safety emergencies such as search and rescue, fire protection, emergency medical assistance, crime prevention and basic law enforcement. The presence of these officers has had a significant impact on improving the quality of life in the participating villages.

Alaska screen shot

Because of the success of the VPSO E-learning program built by the Community Safety Institute and offered through the CSI Academy E-learning Network throuh the newest oem software the Alaska State Troopers and the Alaska Wildlife Troopers are now receiving crucial training online saving the Alaska Department of Public Safety significant financial and personnel resources. Because Troopers live and work in some of the most remote locations in the United States our e-learning program allows them to receive professional law enforcement training year round despite weather or travel conditions, saving the agency both time and money.

tribal policing screen shot

Designed specifically to meet the needs of Tribal Police Departments the CSI Academy E-learning Network has launched a Tribal Policing Channel.  This channel provides professional law enforcement courses which have been adapted and customized to meet the needs and challenges of tribal policing agencies throughout the nation.  The Community Safety Institute has been a leader in tribal training for almost two decades and is committed to providing quality online training throughout Indian Country.

For more information on the CSI E-learning Network, call 972-576-8662.


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