Community Safety Institute’s e-Learning Academy

The Community Safety Institute’s e-Learning Academy provides a fully customized, interactive and secure e-learning portal for law enforcement agencies.  CSI courses utilize agency and state specific training curriculums, photos, video content and Standard Operating Procedures for the most comprehensive liability protection available.  

Over the past twenty years CSI has developed hundreds of courses and provided training to thousands of law enforcement officers across the nation.  Our staff is composed of public safety officials, educators and curriculum development specialist who research and develop all of the courses for the e-Learning Academy.

 All courses and content including downloadable documents, videos and private files can be accessed via the internet on PC or any mobile ready device giving officers in the field quick access to important information such as training announcements, legal updates, departmental documents, and agency policies and procedures.  All files can be migrated to portable document format for easy web viewing / printing / storage.  All interactions are tracked and the Users individual progress is recorded in every SCORM compliant course.

The Community Safety Institute produces and edits client videos throughout many of its courses.  Videos can be extremely beneficial when showcasing individuals with special talents, abilities or knowledge.  Videos also increase learning retention and are useful when demonstrating specific skills such as firearms cleaning or proper traffic control techniques.

Each CSI course contains both module review quizzes, as well as, an end of course final exam.  Exam questions and answers automatically rotate with each test attempt and minimum course time and completion standards are based on individual agency requirements.  When courses have been successfully completed, individual users are issued a customized certificate of completion with a secure QR Code for verification.  Depending on agency requirements additional copies of the certificate can be electronically sent to assigned personnel, system administrators or supervisors. 

Maryland Public Safety Training Portal E-Learning System (new in 2016)

This secure, highly interactive training course allows the State of Maryland to reduce travel and training costs for Maryland's law enforcement agencies while providing them a highly portable experience.  All courses are internet based and mobile compliant allowing not only standard access via computer but also high-demand access for devices like IPhones and tablets.  This e-learning system is available to all State of Maryland sworn law enforcement personnel and complies with newly adopted MPCTC rules which allow for unlimited state certified e-learning.  Officers and deputies can now meet the majority of their mandatory training requirements using this portal while saving Maryland agencies, large and small, thousands of dollars each year.

Alaska Department of Public Safety - Public Safety Training Portal

Offered through the CSI Academy E-learning Network the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Alaska State Fire Marshal's and the Village Public Safety Officers are now receiving crucial training online saving the Alaska Department of Public Safety significant financial and personnel resources. Because Troopers live and work in some of the most remote locations in the United States our e-learning program allows them to receive professional law enforcement training year round despite weather or travel conditions, saving the agency both time and money.  This program has been so successful that AKDPS recently made their on-line learning portal available to every law enforcement agency in the State of Alaska.

Tribal Policing Academy

Designed specifically to meet the needs of Tribal Police Departments the CSI Academy E-learning Network has launched a Tribal Policing Channel.  This channel provides professional law enforcement courses which have been adapted and customized to meet the needs and challenges of tribal policing agencies throughout the nation.  The Community Safety Institute has been a leader in tribal training for almost two decades and is committed to providing quality online training throughout Indian Country.

For more information on the CSI E-learning Network, call 972-576-8662.