The Community Safety Institute in partnership with the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Justice Services has developed customized supervisory training programs for BIA agents and Tribal Police. CSI has produced and facilitated both the BIA Basic Law Enforcement Supervisory Training Program and the Coaching and Mentoring for Supervisors Program for BIA-OJS. These initiatives are the first phase in a national multi-level supervisor management and command staff training program which will be deployed in the coming years.

BIA Basic Law Enforcement Supervisory Training Program (BLESTP) – 3 Days

Day 1

This introductory course for supervisors emphasizes the abilities and skills necessary for first-line supervisors. It looks at the basic components of standard supervision training such as: core elements of supervisory success, task accomplishment, interpersonal communication and public speaking.  A significant portion of the day will be spent on problem solving activities to reduce crime and victimization in Indian Country.

Day 2

The third day of the course will focus on operational planning and critical incident management including information on officer involved shootings.  Throughout these sessions participants will be asked to work both individually and in groups to develop and test operational plans and respond in a supervisory position to a variety of critical incidents.

Day 3

On day four of the training new supervisors will hone their report writing and reviewing skills to ensure that all reports are written and reviewed in a professional manner which will assist in prosecution efforts and increase conviction rates.  Participants will also gain skills in supervising proper employee performance and conduct and learn the fundamentals of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command Systems (ICS).  In the afternoon attendees will put their new knowledge to the test as they participate in NIMS/ICS scenarios.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

In order to reinforce and institutionalize the concepts taught in the Basic Law Enforcement Supervisory Training Program and the Public Safety Management Development Program, CSI will develop and deliver an OJS Law Enforcement Coaching and Mentoring Program.  This initiative will commence with two, 2-day courses for OJS Headquarters staff on implementing a coaching and mentoring program for selected OJS personnel.  CSI will develop this one-year initiative and then train OJS staff who will implement the program with key personnel.  This program will consist of four primary components.

Day 1 – Session 1

The first portion of the session will be focused on identifying the basic elements of a successful coaching and mentoring program and how this innovative initiative will assist the organization in achieving its goals.

Day 1- Session 2

The second session will present management core concepts that will provide the organizational structure for the program and include basics such as: time management, delegation, decision making, leadership, teamwork and collaborative partnerships.

Day 2 – Session 3

The third component of the program will present a template for a one-year coaching and mentoring plan including: facilitating mentoring sessions, conducting quarterly coaching sessions, facilitating portions of the peer-to-peer learning sessions and conducting private mentoring sessions with participants who may need additional developmental time.

Day 2 – Session 4

The fourth and final segment of the two-day course will be individualized role-playing sessions to demonstrate some of the subtleties associated with the implementation of an organizational coaching and mentoring program.  During this segment facilitators will focus on demonstrating the core concepts of coaching such as phrasing in the positive, focusing on the individual and understanding the how to enhance the best attributes of each individual employee.