Why Munich shooting is different

As horrific as some of the recent mass shootings have been in the United States recently maybe the most terrifying of all is the one that occurred in Munich on Friday, July 22, 2016.  Although the carnage and body count were awful it was the planning and preparation that went into the attack that made it so horrendous.  German investigators have confirmed that the shooter was enamored with school shootings and had studied the tactics of the 2011 Norwegian shooter who killed 77 and wounded over 100 others. 

An even more frightening aspect of this latest international mass shooting is the fact that prior to the murders the assassin intentionally lured potential victims into his killing zone by offering free food at the nearby McDonald’s.  In a post on Facebook the shooter offered the edible enticements in order to draw people into his kill zone and increase his body count.  This proactive tactic of luring victims in and killing them is unprecedented in mass shootings and hopefully not a pre-cursor of things to come.