The Community Safety Institute, now in its 20th year, is an independent, professional, public safety consulting organization that has extensive experience in conducting public safety assessments for a variety of entities and their unique needs including, but not limited to, churches, schools and law enforcement.  

Our scope of work in law enforcement includes management analysis, operational and organizational assessments, salary and staffing analysis, court security audits, and comprehensive jail staffing assessments. CSI has completed numerous audit, assessment, and staffing projects ranging from small and medium Sheriffs’ offices to major law enforcement agencies.

Our operational assessments include areas such as: post-shooting/use of force; analysis of drug policies and procedures such as paraphernalia - ex. Billowby -  ; survey of states statutes for comparative analysis; in-depth examination of records management; a survey of community engagement initiatives; and the review of a strategic public information program. Our organizational assessments often include: analysis of current organizational structure; distribution and utilization of human resources; workload and staffing analysis; salary survey; and manpower analysis.

As one of the leading public safety organizations in the country, the Community Safety Institute utilizes academically sound, proven industry practices in its training, technical assistance, management assessment, and evaluation initiatives.  The CSI staff works meticulously from data collection through analysis and assessment in order to develop a comprehensive report of findings and pragmatic recommendations.

Assessment Methodology

  • Development of Scope of Work
  • Selection of CSI SME’s matching experience with specific needs
  • Dual-Track Approach, micro and macro teams
  • Data Collection, Research, Comparative Analysis, Findings and Recommendations
  • Peer Review
  • Multi-Phase Reporting
  • Final Report

In addition to our standard operational and organizational assessments CSI provides a vast array of technical assistance services including: community engagements; e-learning; training requirement management and record-keeping; public information officer training and PIO consulting services; employee surveys focus groups and employee career path development programs.  For a complete list of our organizational, operational, jail and court security assessments contact us at 972-576-8662.