Alaska VPSO Programs

Since 1998, CSI has been developing federal law enforcement curriculum funded by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for Native American/Native Alaskan communities including an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) grant addressing various Juvenile Justice issues and the popular Native American Training Series (NATS I, II, III and IV) funded by the COPS Office which addresses public safety concerns and problem solving on Native lands.  In 2012, CSI partnered with the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Justice Services to provide their Basic Supervisory Law Enforcement Training Program and the agency’s Coaching and Mentoring Program for Supervisors.

Beginning in 2007, the Community Safety Institute (CSI) began researching DOJ resources and adapting vetted materials to meet the specific needs of Native American law enforcement agencies and their community stakeholders. To date, twenty-three (23) customized culturally appropriate training programs along with their accompanying implementation guides, facilitator manuals, participant workbooks, and tools have been successfully adapted to the Native American culture for use in community policing programs serving tribal communities throughout the country.  During this time we have served over 120 Native American and Native Alaskan tribal organizations, providing community policing training and technical assistance to nearly 1,200 law enforcement officers and their community partners.

Over the past six years CSI has worked closely with Native Alaskan communities, the VPSO (Village Public Safety Officer) program and the Alaska State Troopers.  In 2006, CSI staff travelled to Alaska Native Villages interviewing community members and providing Neighborhood Watch training and program technical assistance. Since that time, CSI staff has travelled throughout Alaskan cities and specifically into rural villages and communities meeting Alaskan Natives, community members, and VSPOs.

CSI has provided training for the Alaska State Troopers in both Anchorage and in Wasilla including adult-based learning in topics such as: Community Policing, School Safety, Problem Solving, Volunteer Recruitment and Management, Strategic Planning, Improving Observation and Reporting Skills, and Target Hardening.  CSI staff has provided both Regional training for VPSO’s at their annual training session as well as provided facilitated instruction at the VPSO Academy held at the Public Safety Academy in Sitka, Alaska.

In 2010, CSI partnered with the Yuut Elitnavariat People’s Learning Center and the Alaska State Police to provide a VPSO E-Learning Academy.  This online resource will be available to VPSOs and Troopers 24 hours a day providing professionally developed curriculum in the following areas: Community Policing, Ethics and Integrity, Cross-Cultural Communications, Report Writing, Jail Guard Procedures, Trooper Oversight, Rural Patrol Procedures, Stress Management and Juvenile Justice Issues.